The TWRA (Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency) Hunter Education Center in Bartlett, TN, serves as a premier destination for outdoor enthusiasts of all ages to learn, practice, and hone their hunting and outdoor skills. With its state-of-the-art facilities, expert instructors, and diverse educational programs, the center offers a welcoming environment where individuals can embrace the rich heritage of hunting and conservation while promoting safety, ethics, and responsible stewardship of Tennessee’s natural resources. Learn more here.

Comprehensive Hunter Education Courses:

One of the primary functions of the TWRA Hunter Education Center is to provide comprehensive hunter education courses that are essential for anyone seeking to obtain a hunting license in Tennessee. These courses cover various topics, including firearm safety, wildlife conservation, hunting regulations, and ethical hunting practices. Taught by certified instructors, the courses combine classroom instruction with hands-on training and outdoor activities to ensure that participants develop the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to hunt safely and responsibly. Information about Exploring Leisure and Wellness at the Bartlett Recreation Center in Bartlett, TN can be found here. 

Firearms and Shooting Ranges:

The TWRA Hunter Education Center features state-of-the-art firearms and shooting ranges that provide marksmanship training, practice, and certification opportunities. The center’s shooting ranges include rifle, shotgun, and pistol ranges, archery ranges and 3-D archery courses. These facilities have modern safety features and amenities, including target stands, backstops, and shooting benches, ensuring a safe and enjoyable shooting experience for participants of all skill levels.

Outdoor Skills Workshops and Seminars:

In addition to hunter education courses, the TWRA Hunter Education Center offers a variety of outdoor skills workshops and seminars designed to enhance participants’ knowledge and proficiency in various outdoor activities. These workshops cover topics such as wilderness survival, outdoor cooking, wildlife identification, and habitat conservation. They provide participants with valuable insights and hands-on experience that deepen their appreciation for the natural world and foster a lifelong passion for outdoor recreation.


Youth and Family Programs:

The TWRA Hunter Education Center strongly emphasizes youth and family engagement, offering a range of programs and activities designed to introduce young people to the joys of hunting, fishing, and outdoor adventure. These programs include youth hunting days, family fishing events, and outdoor skills camps that provide opportunities for children and families to learn together in a supportive and nurturing environment. By fostering positive outdoor experiences and instilling a sense of responsibility and respect for nature, these programs help to ensure the future of hunting and conservation in Tennessee.

Conservation and Wildlife Management:

The TWRA Hunter Education Center is committed to promoting conservation and wildlife management practices that sustain healthy ecosystems and abundant wildlife populations. Through its educational programs, outreach efforts, and partnerships with conservation organizations, the center educates hunters and outdoor enthusiasts about the importance of habitat conservation, wildlife stewardship, and ethical hunting practices. By instilling a conservation ethic and fostering a sense of environmental responsibility, the center empowers individuals to actively participate in efforts to conserve Tennessee’s natural heritage for future generations.


The TWRA Hunter Education Center in Bartlett, TN, is a valuable resource for hunters, outdoor enthusiasts, and conservationists alike, offering a wide range of educational programs, facilities, and opportunities to learn, practice, and celebrate the rich traditions of hunting and outdoor recreation. Through its commitment to safety, ethics, conservation, and community engagement, the center is vital in promoting responsible hunting and stewardship of Tennessee’s natural resources while inspiring a lifelong love of the outdoors in individuals of all ages.